Kayaking Wikiproject

A group of experienced Wikipedia editors are working to improve Wikipedia's coverage of Kayaking, Kayaks, Canoes and Canoeing.

Scope of the Kayaking WikiProject

The Kayaking WikiProject concerns the creation, development, and organisation of all Wikipedia's articles about kayaks and kayaking (including biographies) of famous kayakers.

We also aim to:
  • Increase the membership of Wikipedia editors interested in kayaking and canoeing in all its forms that can help out with templates, articles, etc.
  • Improve the accuracy and quality of all kayaking and canoeing articles
  • Develop the collection of kayaking and canoeing images on Wikimedia Commons

Outline of canoeing and kayaking

The Outline canoeing and kayaking aims to provide a convenient way to find articles relating to canoeing and kayaking on Wikipedia and headings include:

If you would like to get invovled with this project but not sure how, email me on tonyriches@live.com